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Helpful links and resources for students and members.

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Are you interested in pursuing higher education or new career training? Our comprehensive list of career colleges and schools can point you in the right direction. Identify schools by either the programs they offer or their location with the helpful search tool and narrow your search. Then visit each school’s website to learn more.

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If you are trying to decide on your first career, or maybe you are ready for a career change, but have no idea what else you could do – or where to start?, this page will help. There are many diverse career fields and education programs to train future professionals in these jobs. Then visit each school’s website to learn more.

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Helpful Links

There are many challenges students face in deciding the education option best for them, how to receive financial aid to help them, and where to go when they need help for certain information. This page provides names of government agencies and private organizations that exist for students to help them solve these challenges.

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List of Vendors

Schools often need textbooks, computers, tools, lab equipment, and many other products. They also rely on many companies that provide services to their school. Find out more here about many of the leading companies that help provide products and services to career colleges and schools.

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Help shine a light for everyone to see on your students’ achievements, your school’s successes, and the critical role postsecondary career and technical education has on our economy and workforce. This page will help schools advocate with legislators, policy-makers, the community, media, and more.

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Online Training

Online Training Center

Professional development and training is very important for educators and administrators at schools. PAPSA offers significant in-person professional development training throughout the year, but many times schools may need online training or information for some issues. Several companies have partnered with PAPSA to help create these options.

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A strong state association is critical to the future of our schools and PAPSA is the BEST in the country… The consistent communication with key state regulators and the professional development offered by PAPSA continues to keep our schools viable as leaders in career education.

Rex Spaulding

North American Trade Schools, Inc.

I’ve had the honor to work with PAPSA and its member schools for the past 25 years. You won’t find a more caring, innovative, and engaged group of college professionals anywhere. It has always been an honor to provide educational content to these institutions who are successfully preparing Pennsylvania’s workforce for new or advanced careers. I consider PAPSA members friends as well as trusted colleagues in the business of education.

Alan Hensley

Vice President
McGraw Hill Education

PAPSA is a vital resource for all private, career-focused institutions in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh Technical College’s affiliation with PAPSA continues to provide the college with insight and information ensuring we are in front of regulatory changes and industry needs. PAPSA continues to provide access to relevant, timely, and cost-effective training for administrators and faculty with outstanding national and regional presenters. PTC’s affiliation with PAPSA is truly invaluable.

Greg DeFeo

Pittsburgh Technical College

As a small privately-owned Cosmetology School, our PAPSA Membership is priceless! PAPSA keeps us abreast of state and federal regulations. The annual conferences are a wealth of information for our entire staff from Admissions to the Instructors.

Linzi Biesinger

Altoona Beauty School

I was in the school business for 28 years and I have been on the State’s Private License School Board for 22 years, including many years as the Chairman. PAPSA is the strongest, most pro-active ally of the sector in the nation. It is an advocate, a political resource, a defender, a government research resource and a friend. It is the best such association in the United States that has been run by two of the best people, in retired director Dick Dumaresq and current director Aaron Shenck.

Wayne Zanardelli

Pennsylvania Private Licensed School Board