DAILY NEWS 5/22/2020

DAILY NEWS 5/22/2020




U.S. Department of Education Issues Long-Awaited Final Title IX Regulations On Sexual Harassment

Will Trump Veto Congressional Resolution To Undue Secretary Devos’ Improved Borrowers Defense Rule

The National Center For Education Statistics’ Report On The Condition Of Education: Download Here

Pew Report: Borrowers Discuss The Challenges Of Student Loan Repayment




Some Democrat Lawmakers Cross Aisle And Vote With Republicans To Over-Ride Governor’s Veto To Open Salons, Barber Shops And Other Businesses: However Over-Ride Fell Several Votes Short

Some Philadelphia Democrats Are Starting To Lose Patience With Governor Wolf’s Restrictions

Pennsylvania’s Unemployment Rate Is Now The Highest It Has Been In Over 40 Years

An Analysis Of Counties That May Go To Green And Those In Yellow Or Red




FSMTB Issues Massage And Bodywork Practitioner Guidelines With COVID-19

U.S. Department of Education Expands COVID-19 Regulatory Flexibilities For Higher Education Institutions

In Reversal, ED Will Not Enforce Title IV Eligibility For CARES Act Student Grants, Still Excluding DACA Students

US Department Of Education Updates CARES Act Guidance

Colleges Should Redesign Course Scheduling And Hours

NASFAA Survey Expect $45 Billion Hit To Higher Education

Copy Of NASFAA Financial Impact Survey

Online Trends And The Changing Post-Secondary Education Market

If Online Is The Only Option Offered, Many Students Will Switch To Community Colleges And Cheaper Options For Online

Despite COVID-19, Survey Shows 80% Of High School Seniors Plan To Stick With Higher Ed Plans




Many Laid Off Americans May Be Getting More Money Mon Than They Did When They Worked

As A Result Of COVID-19, Automation And Robotics Taking Over Some Jobs Is Likely To Occur Sooner

COVID-19 Effects On Making Working From Home More Inevitable

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