DAILY NEWS 5/14/2020

DAILY NEWS 5/14/2020




In Response To The Governor’s Threats On Business And Counties, The Pennsylvania Senate And House Choose Legislative Vehicle – SB 327 – And Amend It To Include Language Shifting Power To Reopen State From Governor To County Commissioners: Legislation Will Almost Certainly Be Vetoed By Governor: Democrat Lawmakers Under Pressure From Businesses And Citizens In Their Districts To Break Party Ranks And Support Veto Override, But So Far They Have Held Party Line Votes Without Cracking

After Governor Threatens To Withhold Critical Health And Human Service Money From Citizens In Their County, Some Counties That Were Going To Ignore State Orders Are Now Considering Other Options, While 3 Counties Appear To Still Be Moving Forward On Their Own





Poll Shows Majority Of Students Are Ready To Return To College Campuses, With Or Without A Vaccine

Early Data Is Good: The Data May Change, But So Far States That Never Closed Or Those That Have Already Reopened Are Seeing Good Case Numbers And Continue To Trend Down: South Dakota Is The Only Outlier

US Senate Education Chairman Talks Optimism That Schools Will Reopen And Each State Will Figure Best Way For Them To Do This

Printout Of Meeting With VP Pence And College Leaders

If Students Can’t Visit Your Campus, Virtual Tours Can Be Done

Regional Publics And Small Privates Are The Most At-Risk To Face Financial Harm

CDC Issues Additional Truck Driver Safety Guidelines

Where Are The $6 Billion In Emergency Grants To Students Going


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