DAILY NEWS 5/13/2020

DAILY NEWS 5/13/2020




Pennsylvania Education Secretary Says Public Schools Will Be Open In The Fall

After The Governor Threatens Businesses’ Insurance If They Reopen If Their County Says They Can, And Business Across The State Try To Figure Out What This Would Mean For Their Coverage, An Insurance Expert Says County Approval To Reopen Would Likely Satisfy For Claims

Harrisburg Salon Granted Waiver And Allow To Stay Open

US Congressman Keller Op-Ed: Enough Is Enough, Its Time To Reopen Pennsylvania




OCR Releases Questions And Answers For Postsecondary Institutions Regarding COVID-19

Questions And Answers For Postsecondary Institutions

CECU Issues Guide To Help Reopen Your School

Minding FERPA During COVID-19

How COVID-19 Is Sparking A Revolution In Education

Enrollment At Some For-Profit Colleges Is Way Up, And Some Expect That Trend To Continue After COVID-19

US House Democrats Propose Another $3 Trillion Stimulus Bill To Help States And Public And Non-Profit Colleges, US Senate Republicans Say No Way

Is “Hy-Flex” Education The New Thing

Common App Adds COVID-19 Question




After 40 Bad Years, The US Department Of Education Is Finally Redeeming Itself

Key Initial Takeaways From The U.S. Department Of Education’s Massively Impactful New Title IX Regulations

Seven Highlights From The Department Of Education Title IX Final Regulations

As 10-Year Treasury Auction Drops Rates, So Do Student Loans For The Next Year Because They Are Adjusted Off Of These Rates

2020-2021 Federal Student Loan Rates Drop To Record Lows

Five Actions Federal Policy-Makers Could Take To Help With Student Loans


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