DAILY NEWS 5/12/2020

DAILY NEWS 5/12/2020




After Weekend Where Many Businesses And State And Local Elected Officials Publicly Announce They Will No Longer Follow Governor’s Orders And Will Revert To Their Own Health And Safety Plans To Reopen, Governor Holds Monday Press Conference To Publicly Threaten Pulling Health And Human Service Funding From Citizens Living In Those Counties, Pull Insurance Coverage Of Businesses And Restaurant Licenses… These Threats Are Now Prompting The Legislature To Consider Legislation Likely This Week To Legally Remove Power From The Governor To Handle Business Reopening And Shift Power To Counties… If The Legislation Moves, Question Will Be How Many Democrat Lawmakers Will Cross Over To Sustain A Potential Rare Veto Override Vote

After Several Newspapers Report The PA Department Of Health Had A Policy That Intentionally Put COVID-19 Positive Cases Back Into Nursing Home Populations, And With Over 2/3 Of State Deaths From Virus Now In PA Nursing Homes Overseen By The PA Department Of Health, The Pennsylvania Healthcare Association Is Speaking Out And Multiple State Elected Officials Are Now Publicly Calling For Resignation Of Health Secretary: Governor Has Said He Is Pleased With Performance Of Secretary And Not Removing Her




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