DAILY NEWS 3/16/2020

DAILY NEWS 3/16/2020




CECU Applauds Department Of Veterans Affairs For Standing Up For Veterans

McClintock & Associates: A Standard Refresher On Revenue Recognition

US Department Of Education Denies Much-Scrutinized Application For Large For-Profit University Seeking Non-Profit Conversion

US Senate Passes Rebuke Of Secretary DeVos’ Borrowers Defense Rule

Regulatory Ping Pong And Borrowers Defense Rule

Public Hearing On Proposed Erie County Community College Is Postponed

You Didn’t Go To College? You Still Need To Pay Over $200 Billion To Bail Out Those Who Did




Free Webinar Scheduled For Tomorrow With NASFAA To Discuss What We know On COVID-19 And Federal Student Aid

US Department Of Education Issues Guidance On Impact Of COVID-19 And Student Aid

CECU: Coronavirus Information Center

Issuance Of Dear CPA Letter CPA-20-01, Site Visit Exemption During COVID-19 Outbreak

US Department Of Education Releases Guidance On Student Privacy Related To COVID-19

Managing COVID-19 And FERPA

US Department Of Education Releases Guidance On COVID-19 And FERPA

Why Coronavirus Will Be A “Black Swan” Moment For Higher Education

US House And Senate Introduce Legislation Addressing Title IV Concerns During Virus Response

VA Distributes Coronavirus Guidance For Payout Of GI Bill Student Benefits

Accreditation, Continuity Of Operations, And COVID-19

Ed Tech Vendors Face Sudden Opportunity And Risk

Coursera And EdX Offer Free Online Platforms For Schools Impacted By Coronavirus

McGraw Hill: Moving Your Courses Online For COVID-19? We Are Here To Help

Coronavirus Hits Colleges And Universities Hard

CDC Recommends Gatherings Of 50 Or More Be Postponed For 8 Weeks

Colleges Develop Strategies To Recruit Students Without Campus Visits

Consumer Groups Applaud President Trump’s Decision To Waive Student Loan Interest During COVID-19 Response

Trump Promises To Pause Student Loan Interest Accrual During Virus Response



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