DAILY NEWS 6/10/2019

DAILY NEWS 6/10/2019



IFAP Notice: Gainful Employment Announcement #121 – Additional Guidance On Completing The 2019 GE Disclosure Template

Direct Delivery Of Gainful Employment Disclosures Starting July 1

US Department Of Education Confirms Requirements To Report Litigation, Settlements, And Specified Liabilities

US Department Of Education Provides Guidance On Litigation Trigger In Borrowers Defense Rule’s Financial Responsibility Standards

Missouri Students Suing Career College Under False Claims Act



IFAP Notice: FAFSA Information To Be Verified And Acceptable Documentation

IFAP Notice: Federal Aid Interest Rate Calculations For 2019/20

How To Write A Student Loan Goodwill Letter To Save Your Credit



Secretary DeVos’ Top Aide Claims She Blew The Whistle On Her Former Career College

Graduation Rates By Each State

Regional Accreditor Pilots Early Warning Tool To Try And Help Avoid Mass Closures Of Traditional Colleges And Universities

As Higher Education Evolves, Nontraditional Students Require Nontraditional IT

The Benefits Of Beauty School

Credential Clout: How Higher Ed Can Prepare For An Evolving Job Market

A Look At How States Are Struggling To Shore Up Higher Ed




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