DAILY NEWS 4/10/2019

DAILY NEWS 4/10/2019



Higher Education Act News

US Senate Education Committee Has Hearing Today On Higher Ed Act Reauthorization And Strengthening Accountability To Protect Students; Live Stream Hearing Through This Link




Don’t Want Student Loans? Some Students Are Shifting Expense And Future Risk To Private Investors To Fund Their Education Through Income-Share Agreements

Student Loan Repayment Support Could Become The New 401(k), But It Comes With A Catch




The State Of American Higher Education Outcomes In 2019

Report Says Millions Of Tax Dollars Going To Worst Institutions

Public Investment In Higher Education Has Been Uneven Since Recession

Full Report On Public Investment In Higher Ed Since Recession

Schools That Do Not Understand The Value Of National Accreditation In Credit Transfers, Could Instead Use Prior Learning Assessment To Ease Transferring Of Students



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